The Most Common Problems With Slate Roofs

1. Choosing The Wrong Slate Variety

Problems of slate roofsHarvested from earth and worked on to create individual shingles. Slate roofs have a long life expectancy because they are basically made from stone and it’s a natural material. However, there might be some invisible fractures that might cause the slate to break off.

Depending on the slate variety you choose for your roof, the life expectancy might also vary. For instance, there are some slate varieties that crumble and start flaking when the life expectancy ends. Therefore, before choosing any specific type of slate roof, you need to consider the type of roof, the durability and the origin if you want it to last a long time.

2. Damaged Flashings

Even when you choose a good slate variety, the flashings might wear out and start leaking before the slate reaches the end of its lifespan. They are often installed between various roof planes to prevent any entry of water in the valleys, chimneys and other roof penetrations. When you notice the flashings are failing, it’s prudent to start removing them immediately then replace. You don’t need to remove the entire roof for this. Note that, failure to remove this forces the water to enter the roof and might cause more damage than you had anticipated.

3. Poor Installation

Yes, the roof might be in a good condition and the flashings are ok but if it was poorly installed in the first place, then a lot of damage is bound to happen. Therefore, you need to take your time to find the best installation experts for your roof to make sure the job is done right. Certainly, it would be a loss if your roof didn’t last through the recommended years but just a few before you need to replace it immediately.

4. Missing Or Broken Slates

If your roof has been installed for a few centuries, it’s bound to have a few missing or damaged slates. Since it’s made out of stone, a natural material there might be some hairline cracks that might eventually break. You can remove the faulty slates and replace them with new ones, as close as possible to the previous ones to avoid any discoloration or odd looking areas in the roof.

Saving Money With Your Roof

Here are some of the ways a good rooftop will save you money on those utility bills.

1) Insulates Heat

Heat is an important part of living indoors especially when the temperature drops. Therefore, the roof has a major role to play. it is the best solution for keeping the heat inside during those cooler months. Imagine having a blanket around you during the night. The blanket allows your body heat to stay within the blanket instead of leaking out into the room. The same applies to the rooftop.

2) Keeps the Property Cooler During Summer Months

The warmer months can bring with them a tremendous amount of heat indoors. This is normal in most areas but that’s where a good rooftop can help out. It is able to keep the heat outside and make sure it doesn’t come in through the gaps.

As a result, the property stays cooler during those summer months.

3) Improved Ventilation

If there is air trapped inside, this is going to make it super stuff during the summer months. The heat becomes suffocating after a while especially as the temperatures shoot up. Therefore, it’s important for the roof to be a good ventilator that lets the hot air leak out as soon as it starts to get stuffy inside.

4) Absorbs Heat

It’s important to note the right roofing material can go a long way in absorbing heat. There are many traditional forms that don’t do this and that can start to chip away at one’s utility bills. Imagine the heat goes right through and starts to heat up the property. This is when the AC has to be used aggressively and that is never a good thing. It puts a lot of stress on the AC and that means it has to push out more heat than ever before.

This heat absorption is a good thing and is one of the reasons it’s important to think about the right roofing material.

Your roof can be a real money saver as long as the right material is being used. A lot of property owners don’t give as much thought to this as they ought to. As a result, their utility bills continue to head in the opposite direction and do a lot of damage to their monthly expenses. Be smart and think about ways to save money on your bills and begin with the rooftop.

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Article by Roof Restoration Brisbane