The Main Benefits Of Metal Roofs Make Them A Great Choice

benefits_of_metal_roofsMetal roofs are becoming quite the popular choice among homeowners. People love them for a variety of reasons, and it’s certainly not just about aesthetics. They are very durable, and they come with great warranties. Metal roofs are also known for being very energy efficient and quite soothing when it rains. The sound of rain on a metal roof is quite lovely.

It is also quite loud, but it’s still a really nice sound, save for when it’s literally storming. A metal roof can last 50+ years, and of course there are different styles. The corrugated metal roofs are the baseline, and they might not last quite as long. While asphalt shingle roofs are still widely the most popular option, metal roofing is gaining ground in recent years.

With the right metal roof, you can count on maximum wind resistance. Their durability isn’t about just how long they last but how well they protect your home of course. Slate roofs are the most durable, but the slate tiles are heavy. With metal roofing, you also get to count on a lightweight material.

The fasteners for metal roofs are concealed, and that is a plus in terms of aesthetics. As for style choice, metal is a great option in general, and there are many different designs available. You might not think you have many color choices, but you do. There are quite a few colors available, and that can help you when it comes to matching the neighborhood if that applies.

When looking at the benefits of metal roofs, it can be important to make comparisons with other roofing materials. For example, I pointed out slate roofs in terms of weight and architectural shingles in terms of popularity. A metal roof is often going to come with a longer warranty than an architectural shingle roof but a shorter warranty than a slate roof. It’s all in what you want to put on your home.

What roof is currently on your home? If you’re wanting to make a switch, considering a metal roof is a good choice. They are often a little pricier than architectural shingles, so keep that in mind. You will want to get a good quote or two from roofing companies before you make a final decision. Compare the benefits and prices for various types of metal roofs with other materials, and then you can decide what you are going to do.