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About Us

The goal of this website, Velon Designs, is to deliver rich content through the delivery of blog posts and the review of quality design work.

My name is Jason Velon, and although I am no designer, I enjoy looking at designs of all sorts of things and trying to determine what the designer had in mind. In other words, I like to try and work out the purpose of the design and it’s components.

Many designs have been a failure, however there have been a lot of successes too. One must take into account what causes the success or failure when trying to determine the purpose of the design and the reasons behind it.

In our modern society, we are surrounded by design everywhere. Not natures design, but design by man kind. And with every design comes a purpose, an intent. Having said that, you could possibly argue that all designs of nature had a purpose too – however the big difference here is that we’ll never (sorry) get to meet nature’s designer. In any case, for the majority of man kind it would appear that we are surrounded more by human design than nature design – look around, see if that’s not true.

And because it is my blog, other topics of interest have been / will be written about it. My writing relaxes me and I enjoy it as a hobby and certainly have no shortage of subjects to write about.

Whilst all care is taken to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the content on this site mistakes still and do happen and if you have found one please let me know. All information on this site is the opinion and perspective of the writer, me, and you should seek professional advice before making any decisions related to the content on this site.

If there are any topics or particular areas of interest you would like to see written about, or should you have a comment on existing content, please drop me a note through the contact page – I welcome the feedback.