How To Maintain Your Tile Roof

Maintain a tile roof Tiles are a popular roofing material used by many homeowners. Despite being a bit expensive to traditional shingles they are nice-looking and improve the aesthetic beauty of the home. Also, they are made from concrete or clay that is resistant to fire and resilient against heavy rains as well as high winds. To crown it they are also durable. Generally, a tile roof can last for half a century. Here are some of the steps you can take to maintain your tile roof.

1. Inspections

Annually, during the spring, you should inspect your tile roof. Either you can engage a professional roofer or you can do it yourself. A professional is recommended as they will easily spot problems. Inspection should identify all types of damage including chips, hairline cracks, bruises and discoloration of the tiles. Damaged sections should be repaired or replaced immediately to avoid additional damage from adverse weather in future.

2. Cleaning

Algae thrive on clay tiles. If left unchecked for a long time it can cause substantial damage to your tile roof. Clean algae from the roof using a low-pressure washer. Do not apply excessive pressure directly on the tiles as this can lead to cracking. In most cases spraying warm water mixed with a mild detergent will do the job.

3. Examine gutters and flashing

Inspect flashing that surrounds your vents, chimney and satellite dish. Flashing, the metal strips around these places, gradually loosen due to harsh weather conditions. Then check the gutters. Violent storms can loosen or even damage gutters. Gutters should be properly fitted and placed so that the water they carry is drained off away from the house’s foundation. Remove debris from gutters and downspouts to prevent build-up that can block proper water drainage. For extensive damage on flashing and gutters call a professional to handle the maintenance.

4. Repairs

Repairing the roof should be a preventative measure to avoid huge damages to the roof in the long run. Faulty sections such as cracked tiles and loose flashing should be replaced or repaired immediately by a professional to prevent catastrophic water leaks. Other parts such as loose gutters or clogged downspouts should be repaired or maintained regularly.

In conclusion, tile roof maintenance should be scheduled each year during the spring. When inspecting and repairing the roof adhere to safety precautions. Clay roofs are weak and cannot support your weight. Besides that tiles are also very slippery. If you lack the necessary safety equipment it is best to hire a professional. They will be able to inspect the whole roof area and professionally do maintenance.