Common Stairs Problems – Attic Stairs

There is no doubt that attic stairs do offer a suitable and practical method to access the attic space. A majority of homes do not have a big attic space to install a full set of stairs, nor is there is enough space to install the full staircase. For this reason, having a pull-down attic stair is not only a convenient way to access the attic but a great way to save space. If the pull-down stairs are built correctly, they are perfectly hidden inside the attic.

The only proof that shows stairs is available is a dangling string. However, there are a few common problems with the stairs that could arise. These problems range from noise, stability, joints, and the ladder itself. On the other hands, there are a few things that need regular attention (constant maintenance).

Some common problems include:

Loose Gaps and Jambs

Jambs are pieces of woods that frame the opening of the attic. If the jambs are installed incorrectly, gaps or spaces might form between them. With time, they often become loose. Nevertheless, if they were properly glued and screwed, maintaining them is fairly easy.

Cheap Hardware

The truth is that cheap hardware is the mother of big problems. What doe this mean? Well, it simply means that using cheap hardware will eventually cause a big problem after some time. Therefore, all the bolts and nuts used to secure the spring to the jamb must be of high quality. This does also help secure the braces to the ladder. Remember, every time you climb and descend using the ladder you are putting a lot of weight on it; therefore, to be safe, you must ensure they are installed correctly with the right hardware.

Squeaky Springs

This is a problem that does not offer any danger; the only problem is that it is annoying. The squeaking often comes from the spring when pulling down on it to open the trapdoor. The solution to this problem is lubrication. This simply means lubricating (oil) the joints and the spring on a regular basis.

Bowing Ladder

Bowing often occurs after a while due to applied weight and using substandard hardware. This is a problem can cause serious damage to your property as well as danger to you and your family. Hardwood is the best type of material to build the stairs and also the hinges must be inspected periodically. If your attic ladder has bowed, the only solution is a full reconstruction.

NOTE: because pull-down attic stairways have moving parts, it is extremely wise to inspect every component periodically to ensure that it is safe and can support a person’s weight.

ARTICLE: Supplied by the team at Stellar Stairs Sydney.